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Custom Solutions

Off the shelf software might not fit your specific business requirement, you may wish to have your own software products to achieve your business goals. Then, YeHulum’s solution architects will tailor a custom solution for your explicit business requirements. We assess how you do your business and provide a software product crafted for addressing your business needs. 


We use Agile software development methodology, which means:

  • You will constantly involve in the software development processes, which means you will have a chance to give us new requirements and change requests while we are developing the solutions. You don’t have to wait until we finish and deliver the whole product to test, change, or add new features that come across the development process.

  • You will have a chance to prioritize your needs, the feature that quickly provides a value can be developed and delivered in the first iteration.

  • A dedicated software development project team will be assigned to your specific project needs.

  • We provide weekly development progress report which will allow you to make an accurate forecast on the resource usage.

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